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View Thread: Silverlight 3D Cross platform..... Ideas?
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    , figuerres wrote


    well just think about this: no matter what we think html and js just keep on gettign used a whole lot.

    i am no fan of much of what JS is and i see a zillion problems but they just have not died and it looks like they will keep getting used for stuff that might be better in a "real app" but they do it in js and html anyway....   just some food for thought.


    Yes what you need to ask yourself is JS getting alot of attention because it is just a great technology or is it getting attention because it sucks so bad as a technology that it needs fixing.  I think the latter is the reason.   You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.   Anders just put a facelift on the pig and a nice dress.   You want to date it go ahead.  I will take the slim beautiful model that needs no makeup.