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View Thread: Silverlight, another nail in its coffin
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    @sysrpl: Win32 is not the future. To opine for VB6 shows your age.

    Have you become an old fart who spits the bit of new technologies out? Say it isn't so!

    A black hole will continue devouring technologies at MS until the attempt to resurrect Win32 in all of its glory is abandoned.

    I'm wired differently. I like changes in technology. They are always improvements. Nothing is perfect so I don't mind having to change horses to reach the next station. It is stimulating to learn. You'll respect yourself in the morning.

    Too many folks are OCD about technology. Too many developers spend too much time "getting comfortable" with new technolgies and too often wreck teams by holding out for their favored old technologies instead of learning new technologies -- even when the new technologies have been designed specifically for the system requirements at hand. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. VB6? You're mad, my friend, stove pipe hot mad I say...