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Of course it is.


Click on "Windows" there, you get this:


Hm, there is a "Desktop" item, there, you click on it and..


Stll no WPF! But: "Explore the docs about desktop app development ...Check out the Windows Development Reference for in-depth technical information about how to build desktop apps...." you click on it and.. Tada!:


That's the Win32 documentation! So, the prefered way to write desktop applications is Win32 apparently. According to MSDN at least.

I am not saying WPF is EOL, I am sure WPF applications will continue to run for a long time to come.. but Microsoft's attention level to it is barely above their attention to WinForms.

Then you can safely assume that MS is at work morphing WPF to something better. And, like always, it will be backwards compatible as MS is the world leader in that department.

I bet my career on it. Like always. And win.