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    , Blue Ink wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums: Funny. Except that the "archived page" for Windows 7 is exactly the same, without any trace of WPF. Maybe it's because it's considered part of .NET? 

    Let's see how the MSDN frontpage looked like in 2010 (before the "re-imagined" virus):

    We click on "Desktop", this leads to:

    "Developing desktop applications on Windows

    Now that you know what desktop development is, watch this next video to get an overview of the Microsoft tools and technologies for desktop development, and learn about the three programming models: WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Silverlight, and C++ (native)."


    BOOM. WPF mentioned right on the frontpage of the Windows MSDN page. Now it's buried somewhere under .NET .. there isn't even a direct link on the MSDN frontpage to the .NET page you linked to.

    How about the MSDN quicklinks: Not a trace.. (funny that even XNA is mentioned, yet no WPF)

    So, WPF got some new features? So did WinForms in 2007.. Look, I am not happy about it (my disdain for WinRT and Win8 is not a secret), just observing the obvious.