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Silverlight, another nail in its coffin

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    @Harlequin: +1

    I would never ever ever spend all day on Apple's development forum bashing their software. How stupid would that be? Very stupid. Very unproductive. Very douche-baggy. Troll on, garth.

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    "In order to streamline access to online resources for the Silverlight community, we've consolidated our Silverlight content with the library of information on MSDN. On October 2nd, we communicated to our customers that we would be merging with MSDN, and completed this migration on October 31st.

    "We realize that some of our customers may have experienced challenges accessing links to content that had resided on the original Silverlight site. We apologize for any inconvenience and we're working to resolve these issues for our customers.

    "The consolidation of this content does not impact Microsoft's Silverlight offering. We released Silverlight 5 in December 2011 and we've committed to supporting Silverlight into the year 2021."

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