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Silverlight for Xbox!

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    or not...

    I really wish this was going to happen at MIX 11, but I guess the whole technical discussion about how to scale Silverlight apps from phone, to tablet , to television is not over yet. How would you like to see code flow between the 3 screens?

    The apps should be able to just be scaled up in my oppinion (the pivot en panorama control) could be interpreted in a diffent way to render on bigger screens so it 'just works'. But their should also be a way to really make you app shine on the bigger screens.

    Most of all I'm wondering why they have not said anything about this development story. Tablets will be Windows 8 but apps will be silverlight so it should be the same code base. I'm really excited for this and would hate to see Apple release apps voor AppleTV before microsoft does apps for Xbox.

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    also very disapointed that there was no news or even discussion of this.. john papa even half mentioned but only jokingly and that was an even bigger tease Tongue Out

    i still see it happening just because is such an obvious move that i cant imagine they'll miss, but maybe thats just wishful thinking.

    it seems like the phone version of silverlight with its added apis should be what they use, especially now with the partial xna integration. maybe we wont be able to push the exact same app to both phone and xbox but i think the api will be almost identical.

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    They are definitely working on it, there have been (later redacted) job postings confirming that. Who knows when it'll show up though. I'd expected it to have been revealed by now for release late this year, so I'm a bit disappointed - maybe it won't come till '12?

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