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    @Ian2:Silverlight for the masses sounds well and good, but if you get too close to that overly-simplistic reality-distortion field, it'll warp your brain and you'll start to believe it.  The problem with Silverlight is not Silverlight, but .NET and ultimately the OS (is there a difference?).

    The huddled masses won't ever escape the bondage of OS dependence, yearning to break free to the liberty of Silverlight, unless both Silverlight and .NET guarantee (did I say guarantee?) full and essentially-identical functionality on all OS platforms.  Sadly, this is anything but the case right now, even with Microsoft's own products (anyone ever heard of a little known product called WP7?)

    Silverlight is a moving target, regardless of whether it's on Linux/AndroidDisaster, MacOS10/iOSBlackHole, WindowsPhone7/.NETCF, or whatever.  Therefore, it would not be interesting to other OS shops (like Google), especially given the fact that since Microsoft matters, Google anti-matters.