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Silverlight player stuck at 100% on

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    I'm trying to access the Silverlight player over on, but it stays on 100% with the little blue loading dots flying around on top. It loads in every other browser I've tried it on (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and everything works fine. This problem exists on every computer I have in my home running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9. 

    Not sure if this is the place for me to complain about this, but here it is. 

    Is this a problem for anyone else? If not, are there any settings I need to change? If yes, is anyone with the ability to correct it aware of the issue? 


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    disable IE9 compatibility view using F12. For some whacky odd reason, IE9 switched to compatibility mode. Must be the work of webmasters. Then, it fails.

    If you run in pure IE9 mode, it is fine.

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    Thank you so much, magicalclick! Worked like a charm. 

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