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    , vesuvius wrote

    @JeremyJ: You will do with Microsoft at the moment, you will be looking for a new career every two or three years, as I have said I have Android, iOS, OSX and Windows developers, and the non Microsoft products seems to be the best bet, because people can invest in them, without the underlying technology changing every two minutes, like WPF and Silverlight especially has. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors being used at Microsoft, and no firm commitments.

    Is this so true with Android or iOS? Silverlight has been around as long as iOS has, and Android, while purchased by Google in 2005, wasn't available to developers until 2007, the same year Silverlight was introduced. If you are to look at Silverlight as of today, it's been at least as stable as both iOS or Android.

    If you want firm commitments, has Google said anything about what's going to happen if Oracle wins its lawsuit against them? Did they say they'd be willing to bite the bullet and pay a licensing fee to Oracle to keep Android the way it is?