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    , sysrpl wrote


    The animation system is HTML5 is still undergoing changes. Some browsers are exposing a method for requesting the next frame, but their names are different and they pass different information back to you application regarding timing. Some browsers are using open standards to expose hardware accelerated graphic effects [6] while other are not. The audio/video API have differences, including what formats to accept. The 2D drawing APIs are quite slow on some browsers, and horribly slow on others. And then there are the usual problems with differences in Javascript access to a browser's DOM. I could go on and on here ...


    My friend, I understand that you are unhappy about this but FUD-ing HTML/HTML5/JAVASCRIPT/CSS will not bring your beloved Silverlight back (if it was even alive sometime).

    Other then to look to Microsoft what are you doing about it? There is a LONG list of open projects for various aspects of dealing with browser quirks (none came from Microsoft, many came from Google). Look up shims and libraries.

    A small, and not that complete, example is SVGWEB.