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    @cbae: Everyone is suing everyone else at the moment, these are external issues, and will never really affect developers or users as there just is far too much money to be made.

    Silverlight has not been privy to any lawsuit and is as alive as a dodo bird, plus the fact that Android and iOS have changed the rules of the game by actually being successful.

    Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot, I don't need to waste my time, in arguments over issues where is is widely acknowledge that Microsoft have lacked cohesion. If I had to have a report by you into software it would be

    1. Use Microsoft for everything
    2. They have never made a mistake
    3. They never will make a mistake
    4. Every mistake they made turned out not to be a mistake
    5. Not using Microsoft is a mistake
    6. Everyone else is a shill for liking and using iOs or Android

    You form a basis for the soundest reasoning in your arguments, even when Microsoft are making mistakes you are there pretending its not true, even if the complaining is coming from disgruntled windows developers that have been developing on the platform for years. I know what I am talking about, and scarcely require ratification, remonstration or repudiation. Your argument is just a way to comfort your obsequiousness, that's all.