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    @AndyC:Therein lies the problem. WP7.5 is brand new,and I don't have a road map from Microsoft about the product so I don't want to invest in something, only to have to invest some more in a year or so because the tectonic plates have shifted.

    Windows Phone needs to be a platform that people can build on for the next 5 years at least, but I know if I make the jump, the tectonic plates will be moved, it is just not acceptable, when I look at how much it costs to develop products at get them to a bug free stage.

    Depending on the application, porting code is just not an option, especially when we are dealing with calibrated software. There seems to still be vacillation in Microsoft with regard to their current and future UI platforms, that increases the risk of using any of their software, it is now riddled with risk and unproven

    I won't touch or even buy a windows phone, until the next version is announced.