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    @fanbaby: Settle down there chuck.

    I never said I was a fan of Silverlight. Yes, I'd dug into it, but that doesn't mean I bought into it. My "problem" is with the wasted development months/years companies like Adobe and Microsoft as experiencing. Not only with their own development teams/dollars, of their developer and vendor base.

    This is part of the reason people hate Microsoft so much, and part of the reason their losing developers and partners (like the partners who helped Microsoft release the Kin). Businesses and developers now more than ever loath to hitch themselves to Microsoft. It's at the point now where almost no amount of Microsoft goodwill can surmount the negative experiences Microsoft has brought them. They pissed off Intel [1], netbook makers [2], programmers [3] ... the list would be large.

    About what I am doing about it? Well I've been using Haxe some and will continue to write software which uses OpenGL, which I've been doing for about ten years now. I'll also probably tell the business I work with not to nest too much into Microsoft related technologies. I'll steer them away from developing SharePoint systems. Finally I'm going to do more Android development when the Asus Transformer Prime ships next month with ICS.

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