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    Adobe ending Flash Mobile support in the browser makes sense - there's no good reason for Flash in the mobile browser window - but if Adobe worked on a good "pop out" mobile player, where Flash SWFs are opened in a dedicated application, that would allow people control over the Flash experience - and allow Flash to retain its status as a gaming platform (one of Flash's three pillars, the other two being web video, and advertising).

    That's something Microsoft could pursue for a possible future of Silverlight... if Silverlight was ever adopted by the indie web gaming community, but it wasn't, so therefore Silverlight has no future.

    I saw this happening when Silverlight was first announced in 2005 (search for my posts on this very forum) I'm just surprised Microsoft kept it running as long as they did - but I suppose the size of the developer community was too large to kill it off recently, is it now falling such that they can end the product without too many protests?