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    @Maddus Mattus: With Microsoft it is BASE jumping at present. all the developers that choose not to learn Silverlight or Windows Phone chose wisely. I don't this anyone in the Microsoft camp can repudiate this.

    Once you have an application of reasonable complexity, that you employed people offshore or the experts that wrote the application have moved on, you don't want to have to revisit that code to port it, it becomes very expensive.

    When I look at my other developers, Android, iOS, Blackberry and OSX, they make a worthwhile investment for developing products, which also comes with job security, and higher demand and money because you actually get to be an expert at something.

    As a development platform, Microsoft are not invest-able as they will jump ship at any point. If Win 8 lacks adoption like Vista - a distinct possibility - where do you end up as a developer, that invested in WPF, Silverlight, Win phone and WinRT?

    You end up staying in one place Maddus, one of failed runtimes and application frameworks.