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    , magicalclick wrote

    Is it me or this forum is basically consist of single digit frequent members? Maybe not exactly single digit, but, certain very few. All I can remember is the typical *MS haters*, about 3. 1 super MS supporter. 1 guy who always complains LCD and shooter games. 1 guy who post politics. And randomly have some threads talking about geeky toys or stuff that I cannot comprehend, which is about 10 people. And then there is me being me.

    Roughly counted 20 members are frequent forum users.

    I kinda hope this place it more lively.

    Its getting lonely here, isn't it? It must be like it felt on Novell forms around 1997. If you count me as MS hater, you're wrong. I certainly don't hate MS, just some of its actions. Currently I hate its lawsuits targeting open-source projects like linux, and almost none of the few members say anything.