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    , magicalclick wrote

    Is it me or this forum is basically consist of single digit frequent members? Maybe not exactly single digit, but, certain very few. All I can remember is the typical MS haters, about 3. 1 super MS supporter. 1 guy who always complains LCD and shooter games. 1 guy who post politics. And randomly have some threads talking about geeky toys or stuff that I cannot comprehend, which is about 10 people. And then there is me being me.

    Roughly counted 20 members are frequent forum users.

    I kinda hope this place it more lively.

    well i do not know if or how you counted me but to be honest half the time i do not post due to how often the thread is

    a) started by a troll


    b) a troll has jumped in and all the other replies are to the troll

    for example a recent thread started to have a good chat about the fate / future of MS and turned into a troll fest and charles had to lock the thread.

    for a long time we have had that problem of folks feeding the trolls ... i guess it's never going to stop.

    I am glad that the current C9 software is way more stable than the last one ... i think that time period of the site hurt the membership, i think we lost a lot of folks during that time.

    and so it goes...