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    The Coffeehouse has always been a forum for Channel 9 "insiders" it ebbs and flows as users come and go. Individual posts here definitely doesn't get the traffic compared to our videos (a few thousand views for a popular coffeehouse posts versus 100,000 + for a popular video) and that is ok.

    One of the things we've been thinking about is using the Coffeehouse as well for announcements about Channel 9. Like we did for the Ninies or for Channel 9 Live at Mix. The next step is being able to push these types of threads to the top of the homepage on Channel 9. We're coding up a simple way to that right now so we can give visibility to these posts on the homepage and also be able to do it for things like our new event session content too.

    I love the coffeehouse and being able to chat with you all. I think it is important for us make sure people are aware it exists and can join in too.