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    I came back here after years of ignoring C9 (and all of the other channels) because I didn't have the time. (I'm sure many of you wish I would have kept ignoring C9 Big Smile ) I made the time because I felt like the Microsoft that produced great point-click-and-ship tools in the past was loosing ground to bloated academia that is so pervasive in their languages, API, frameworks, and toolsets today. C9 in the past seemed to be the best channel for getting your voice to developers inside Microsoft and as a place to better understand them. For better or worse this simplfied site doesn't appear to be that place anymore. There is still some value here (videos) but there's just not enough meaningful conversation that leads me to believe anyone is listening.

    By no means do I want my opinions to demean the hard work of the niners who run this site, produce the videos, etc. It's a daughting task I'm sure. I just hope for all of the trouble that it's worth it. Thanks niners for keeping this site going for all of these years.