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    , spivonious wrote


    1. Why do we need a start button? Windows key, hardware button, swipe from right click Start, click lower left corner on desktop. Are four options not enough?

    Why do you need forks and knives? You have fingers, feet, teeth (can't you just move your head down?!), chopsticks.. Are four options not enough?


    , spivonious wrote

    2. I actually prefer the new flat appearance on the desktop. But sure, put the old Vista-era Aero as an option. Should we include Luna too?

    Why using ubiquitous 3D acclerators when I prefer the DOS look?


    , spivonious wrote

    4. Gates is the reason Microsoft is so far behind. He could not get past slapping the same old desktop UI on everything. I'd rather he stay with his charity.

    Oh, ok, this is a logic test I guess. it apparently goes like this:

    Putting desktop UIs on phones is bad, BUT putting phone GUIs on desktops is a winner! Who knew. Have they included this one in intelligence tests around the world already? I am sure you could filter out the losers from the stars with this one once and for all.