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    I just read an article about his departure. It appears Sinofsky doesn't play well with others. Doesn't matter how brilliant he is, he makes too many enemies.

    But, there is where the controversy. They put Sinofsky on top because his report is fancier with all the heatmap and statistical data. They give him the power to bark around in the first place. And now they complain he bites too many people. Then, how about doing something before he bites too much?

    As for the Metro full screen not a good choice for many apps such as Skype, I hope they fix that on Win9. Honestly the foundation is already there. Metro can already do tall strip mode. All they need to do is simply put those Strip Metro in a none-resizable window frame and put it on the work space desktop, all done.

    And yeah, hire an intern to put back the win orb in 30 minutes.

    And yeah, continue to improve the unfinished build-in Metro apps so it could work with PC. Like let me see next picture in the same folder.

    Still, Win8 is a great achievement. I am quite amazed how many things they have accomplished. So, I would still prefer to contribute to MS. If he is willing to listen and play well with others, I really hope he continue to work with MS.