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    , TexasToast wrote


    1.  I don't need it but a lot of customers Want it.  Why not please your customers?

    2.  We had flat appearance in DOS.   Do you like bell bottom jeans too?

    3.  Sinofsky was not listening to others and helping them work their ideas on windows 8.  This is especially true for Line of Biz apps being killed by a WPF Silverlight strategy that developers liked. 

    4.  Gates was the reason Microsoft was successful.  He might not have been cutting edge on everything but he was persistent.   The ship is steady and not very fast but it will not sink.

    5.  Agree 100%.   They have some teams and people with no slackers and you cannot cut the bottom 10% just as a policy.   They need to reinvigorate dev teams again.

    1. Because we both know that customers don't know what they want. Apple has proven that.

    2. After using Windows 8 for a few months, going back to Windows 7 Aero just feels dated. No one is doing translucent effects anymore. Plus, the flat appearance on the desktop fits in to the Metro UI better. Consistency is good.

    3. He did like having things his way, but I'm not sure he had as much control over DevDiv as was speculated. WPF has some awesome things, but it was slow and didn't get much dev buy-in. Silverlight was a little better, but with the world moving towards HTML5 and plugin-less browsers, its days were always numbered. WinRT takes the best of WPF/SL and matches it with native code. I wish we could use it on desktop apps, but MS is really pushing Metro right now. Trying to use desktop apps with your finger on a touchscreen is next to impossible, so I can understand why they made that decision.

    4. Slow and steady doesn't win the tech race, unless you're content to be Oracle or IBM. I'm glad that Sinofsky and Ballmer are taking a big risk.