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    , OrigamiCar wrote 


    Not sure how I feel Steven going. On the one hand he sure did a hell of a job fixing WinDiv after Jim Allchin's disastrous Longhorn/Vista debacle.

    Overrated. Aside from the new taskbar, what's the big deal with Windows 7? I can't find any. Can you? Be honest! Most performance issues and bugs of Vista were fixed in SP1 and 2 already.

    Windows 7 is mostly just Vista with a new taskbar and with bug-fixes already baked in. Sinofsky got way too much credit for that. Just look what the man did when his "vision" got free-reign: He put a pretty much unmodified touch-first mobile interface on desktops.. on purpose. Coupled with _multiple_ update mechanisms and control panels. How's that better than the accidental bugs in Vista?! Also, by beginning of 2006, it seemed as if the Windows guys got their * together anyway.