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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    For the millionth time, yes. Funny how you people keep asking me this, despite my tons of rants about every Metro detail of it.


    For what? I am sure, for fart apps and watching porn it is. But how do you write letters with more than two lines on touch? (without bleeding hands that is).

    I could buy the hype if we would get affordable tactile touch devices now, then sure, maybe. You have still issues like the gorilla arm though. But now? Why cripple the desktop? As I said earlier, the pro W8 arguments on laptops and desktops is like poking the eyes out of people and then telling them to get used to it by getting a braille reader and a guide dog. And then going on about how great dogs are and that braille readers improve your touch senses.

    You plug in a keyboard and type away. It is still Windows, after all.

    I don't understand the gorilla arm argument. You're not going to be constantly touching the screen. You'll reach out to tap something or do a gesture and then go back to the keyboard and mouse. They can all coexist peacefully. Try it out in a store. Touch screens on laptops definitely make sense.