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    @DeathByVisualStudio: I think you should get the job Death. Show us what an AMAZING job you would do with Windows 9, you clearly have all the answers... They spew from your orifices every time you post here...



    Not sure how I feel Steven going. On the one hand he sure did a hell of a job fixing WinDiv after Jim Allchin's disastrous Longhorn/Vista debacle. On the other hand he was apparently hard to work for/with. Julie Larson-Green is a smart cookie, but something is telling me that this is a stop gap measure and there's more changes coming.

    No matter what has happened, Fired/Retired/Mutual/Ballmer threw a chair at him, it's really not good to loose him so soon after Windows 8 and Surface launch like this - very bad from a PR perspective and the trolls are going to go on a feeding frenzy (as we can see above).

    And there's no way Scott Gu moves into his position - or at least he better not....! Smiley