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    , Bas wrote

    Also, I'd just like to see a woman as the lead.

    Are you a horny teenager?

    , Bas wrote

    The whole "it should be the person best suited for the job regardless of gender" argument is nonsensical.

    Idiocy. So if someone would be "good", and another one "great", then the "good" one should get the job because of gender? I hope you aren't a CEO.

    , Bas wrote

    Of course it should be the person best suited for the job, but it would be preferrable if the best person was a woman.

    Look, if a woman IS the best person for the job (because of skill, not her uterus) then no problems from me! But if she isn't, then her womanhood means absolutely nothing. As simple as that.

    I am sure some idiots would spin my post as misogynstic, when it is in fact the complete opposite.