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    , TexasToast wrote

    Well when I did NOT see him at Build I thought it was very weird and I asked where he was?   I think he did his job but he did screw up alot of things with his stubborn attitude.

    The bright side .

    1.  Start Button comes back.  Stupid to take it out for no good reason.  Sinofsky?

    2.  Desktop ignored.  Make a good tablet but dont mess with the best thing to come out of Microsoft . The desktop.   Bring back 3D and make buttons look like buttons.  Flat sucks. If Sinofsky stayed any longer we would be back to playing a black and white version of Pong.

    3.  Other groups get some love.  Yes windows is important but so is xbox, office, azure, server products, business apps (vesivus lets bring back WPF/silverlight),  embedded apps (I do them and although they are not a high visibility app but used in suprising places).

    4.  Timing is right for Bill Gates to come back.   I think he has already wiped out some diseases.  No disease is spreading more than the Applism.  It needs to be wiped out.

    5.  There are some very bright guys at Microsoft and they need to have some more power.  Hopefully this will create a new openness and maybe like Ian said some true leadership and not following the crowd attitude.

    1. Why do we need a start button? Windows key, hardware button, swipe from right click Start, click lower left corner on desktop. Are four options not enough?

    2. I actually prefer the new flat appearance on the desktop. But sure, put the old Vista-era Aero as an option. Should we include Luna too?

    3. How are they not getting love? Xbox has a new machine coming out next year and had major dashboard updates recently. Office just had a new version come out. Azure had a whole keynote speech dedicated to it at Build. Server/Tools is always busy working on new stuff.

    4. Gates is the reason Microsoft is so far behind. He could not get past slapping the same old desktop UI on everything. I'd rather he stay with his charity.

    5. I do agree with this. MS needs to dump their performance evaluation system and start letting the guys in Microsoft Research have a bit more power over the direction of the company. Ballmer needs to step down and someone who is more of an engineer and less of a salesman needs to be CEO.