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    @brian.shapiro: Ok let me put it this way then.   We now have touch with flatness.   The reason I think it is backwards and stupid is when you have the ability to render a 3D button and when you have a touch interface people get feedback by showing a depressed button.   I am looking at internet explorer right now with 3 tabs and it is hard to tell which one is selected.  Its just a color change.  Its not a matter of taste, it is a matter of taking away user interface features and rolling them back to confuse people.  The world is not flat. 

    I was getting used to not having the start button but I found a negative to it.  If you remote desktop into your windows 8 box,  every time you hit the windows key it has to do a full screen repaint which sucks up a lot of bandwidth.    It would have just been easier to leave it in.   I am ok with change,  I am not ok with change to make things work like crap.