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    , SteveRichter wrote

    I do not think Office is very good at all. It is certainly brutal as a programming platform.

    You're aware that before 2009, Sinofsky was the Office guy?

    , SteveRichter wrote

    At least Sinofsky appeared to have advanced the windows OS with WinRT and siloing of apps.

    WinRT is even less powerful than WPF in its current state. So.. And the "apps"? Wake me up when Office gets ported, which will take a while, a long while, I guess. Freeware like Bluestacks offers a more sane way to run these kind of "apps" on full-fledged PCs than what Sinofsky did. "Yes, ma'am, this sorry ad-ridden weather gadget thingie needs to occupy the whole 23 inch screen!"

    What should have been done long ago is finally implemening a sane, standardized update-process for desktop programs (you know, the ones 99.9% of the Windows users depend on), without relying on a myriad background services.

    With the store, this could have been done quite easily, but the SinMan decided not to.