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    , MasterPie wrote

    The sad part is when people will try to spin this as representative of Windows 8/Surface sales...

    As much as I hate Windows 8, even I got to admit that the thing is still too recent to project sales for the holiday season and beyond.

    I've read some interesting comment on mini-msft:

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the EU mess yet. Sinofski was given responsibility by the board for ensuring that MS stayed compliant with the agreement regarding browser choice in Windows. Now, MS is facing a possible 10 BILLION dollar enema by the EU because Sinofski couldn't be bothered by something as trivial as a check box in Windows. Good riddance.

    Sinofsky was responsible for the browser's choice dialogue, really? If yes, then wow, he botched this with W7 SP1 badly.

    I guess he thought that Windows 7 was "dead" by this point anyway (like 7's gadgets) so why bother..