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    , kettch wrote

    @BitFlipper: But it's also nice to have "lightweight" applications completely out of the way, not even on the task bar. I don't have any serious work that happens in Store Apps. Those are all stuff like my calendar, messaging, email, etc. None of those have anything to do with actual work. The real work is Visual Studio, Office and stuff like that.

    Except for the fact that the Windows Store App world is disconnected from the desktop aside from the clipboard. My daughter was home today working on homework in OneNote and wanted my help. She doesn't have Outlook installed on the desktop. It would have been great if she could have used the Share -> Email feature in OneNote to send me a link to the notebook but because Windows Store App Mail can't talk to the desktop and visa versa it's back to copy/paste. That goes for all of the explorer "Send To" stuff as well has the reverse: not having share charm support in the desktop world.

    If they don't extend the contracts from the Windows Store App world into the desktop in Windows 9 I'd say Bitflipper's assertions are correct; The desktop is legacy.