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    , fabian wrote

    Can you even remember the last time you went to a shop, purhased a DVD movies, went home and put it in your computer?

    If counts as a shop fairly frequently. I like DVDs - they're quality is more conistent than VHS was and I like the feeling of owning something physical. Specifically I like being able to watch it as much as I like without having to keep paying for it (or keep paying for a streaming subscription, or have a copy of it 10 years time when for some rights issue it gets deleted from all the (legal) servers on teh internets. I like not needing internet access to watch it. I like that it's effectively DRM free (or rather that the DRM can be easily stripped) so I can rip it and watch it on my iDevice/phone/ultraportable and I can store them on my hdd to save space/for convenience if needs be but keep the originals in the loft as back up.

    And all the "normal" people I know still buy DVDs. A lack of alternative sources to buy downloads from doesn't help (and I'm not sure that any of the streaming services have particularly complete catalogues yet). And I don't think there's much cost between a download and a DVD.

    Sinofsky wrote:

    What if I upgrade to Windows 8 on my current Windows 7 PC with a DVD drive?
    If there is existing third-party playback software the Windows Upgrade Assistant will help determine if this software is compatible with Windows 8 and you will have the option to keep it during the upgrade to Windows 8. Otherwise, you will need to acquire third-party playback software after the upgrade to play DVDs. Alternatively, you can acquire the Windows 8 Media Center Pack or the Windows 8 Pro Pack post upgrade. Both Packs include Windows Media Center, including the ability to play DVDs.

    Hang on. I've already paid for the cost of the codec in my Windows Vista/7 license right? Why should I have to pay it again?

    Sinofsky wrote:

    What is the Windows 8 Pro Pack and why does it include Media Center?
    Windows 8 Pro Pack is an upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro. Like we described above, Media Center is only available on Windows 8 Pro. When you acquire the Pro Pack, we make it a single step that takes you to Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. The cost of the Media Center Pack is essentially built into Pro Pack. Again, this is an attempt to add simplicity to the process of acquiring Media Center.


    Microsoft just don't get it do they. Years of lampooing about Windows Vista Ultimate Live Lite Enterprise Extra Mega Edition and the produce this:

    Windows 8 Professional Edition with Windows Media Centre.

    Congratulations. Really, congratulations. Now fire your entire branding staff.