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    , 01001001 wrote

    AFAIK DVD Player is still in OS X Mountain Lion with no plans to take it out.

    Pop a DVD in a Mac and it just works. Not the special edition OS X, just the regular one.

    With that said, most people use either iTunes, Amazon on Demand, Vudu, or PSN to rent movies. Still, Mac does media way better, and as much as Steven wants to copy Apple, he's not willing to go the last 10%, just like Bill Gates wasn't on Windows 1.0. Unfortunately it's no longer 1985 and people can tell the difference now.

    Enjoy your corner cutting masterpiece.

    The OSX DVD player is a piece of garbage, though.  It hasn't been updated in 10 years and is very much like the 3rd-party DVD players for XP, the ones that folks are suddenly decrying as unacceptable.  Well, OSX DVD player is exactly like those.  Except even worse, what with the mimicing of a physical DVD player controller and whatnot.  So those of you saying that using a 3rd party DVD player bundled by the OEM for Windows 8 is horrible, well it's no more horrible than the DVD player that Apple bundles with OSX.