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View Thread: Sinofsky: The more crapware, the better
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    , magicalclick wrote

    WMP is a terrible DVD player anyway.  That's why I don't use Windows to watch weekly Netflix rentals. Besides, WMP is more suitable to play BT DVD backups, I suppose that's its sole purpose now. 

    I think my main concern is, is it a slippery slope? I mean how many more are they going to cut ?  or more specifically, how many more are they going to cut that will affect me? Cutting things are necessary, but, at what cost?

    I dont' think many folks use WMP to play DVDs.  IT does suck (though not as bad as OSX's DVD player).  WMC, however, does not suck at playing DVDs.  But few use WMC at all.  But there are those that swear by WMC and think that it's vital to their user experience, but I'd think that they'd be willing to pay $10 or whatever to download WMC if it's that necessary to them.