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    Now that the new SkyDrive client has been out a week or so what do you think?

    I'm really liking it so far:

    • Nice integration with Explorer (this opens a ton of options). Works just like any other folder.
    • Local cache is great when anonymous crashes the internet.
    • Super simple

    Not so nice:

    • No sync'ing favorites (sure I could make my SkyDrive favorites folder IE's favorite folder but Mesh's simple point-click-and-ship option was better).
    • No sync'ing of Office settings (same as previous)
    • No peer sync'ing (don't store my gazillions of gigabytes of music in the cloud)
    • No ability to share files from Explorer (must go to the web to do it -- which has a great interface BTW).

    As others have mentioned W8 will probably have app settings, favorites (desktop IE only), and the like built-in. I really hope for the rest of us they'll include those features in the desktop client.

    Currently my setup is:

    • Desktops/W8 Tablet: SkyDrive client and Mesh client
    • Android phone: DropBox (sync to/from desktop) and 3rd party SkyDrive client

    IMO, SkyDrive vs. G Drive (Winner, Loser):

    • SkyDrive: My stuff is my stuff, GDrive: My stuff is kinda their stuff.
    • GDrive: Sync'able Android client, SkyDrive: 3rd party Android client that downloads data only.
    • SkyDrive: 7GB (25GB) great for free, GDrive: 5GB is for wusses.


    I think Microsoft has a winner on it's hands if it can finish migrating the Mesh stuff into the SkyDrive desktop client and release a real Android client. It would be great for W8 if they integrated the SkyDrive desktop client into Explorer and expose stuff like sharing options in the ribbon.