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SkyDrive and Videos - can you stream them from the web page?

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    I would like to know if anyone has seen a problem or know what is really going on.

    they have offered to stream video / play back video and say that mp4 video is a supported format.

    but I have uploaded mp4 files and they can show the static thumbnail / preview and they know it's a video but then fail at playing the file.

    there are posts on the Microsoft answers forum about this but so far no one from MS has provided any real answers.   so far they have told users to try enabling Silverlight, clearing cookies, use a different browser or just download the file and play it locally. also not one of the MS support staff seem to have been able to re-pro the problem but many users are having the same problem.

    so far it looks like MS can not play a video on sky drive and have no clue how to fix the problem.


    can you play a video that is on skydrive ? what format? what file size ? what browser ?


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    Don't know, mine seem to be fine using Windows Live Movie Maker. I guess try convert them even thought they are all mp4 already?

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    by the way here is a link to one of the threads on this:

    there are several and all seem to be the same problem with playing back video.

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    I've tried various different video formats in various different browsers and each time get an error message something along the lines of "there's a problem with the video. Try downloading the video and playing it in a video app" (although it varies browser to browser).

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