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View Thread: SkyDrive gets no love?
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    , ManipUni wrote

    Because it doesn't run on anything except Windows and iPhone, has bloated crappy software, and spend more time jerking off to Microsoft's other offerings (e.g. Office) than it does providing a good product. 

    It runs in every browser I've tried (HTML5), and they're working on an Android app for it.

    , itsnotabug wrote

    okay i probably should've put it to its paces a bit more...

    1) the file size limit needs to be increased. 100Mb isn't really usable for video

    2) moving files around is a bit fiddly

    3) desperately needs a way to batch upload/download

    4) the folder sync (mesh) is limited to only 5Gb,

    but still, I think it's useful for music and photos. hopefully these things will be tweaked in the future.

    I agree with all of your points. First on the list should be #3, followed by #4. I'm not sure why they put a limit on file size. I guess to prevent it being used to pirate movies?

    It looks like Windows 8 will place Skydrive in the spotlight, so hopefully they can address these items before then.