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SkyDrive on desktop for Windows 8.1

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    Sven Groot

    I know this is integrated now, but does anyone know how this actually works? I had SkyDrive desktop installed before, which is now gone.

    All my stuff still seems to be in my custom SkyDrive folder on D:, but I also have a SkyDrive folder in my user profile which is empty. If there is a place to change the location of the local folder (which I don't need to do now, but if I were to install a new machine that didn't have the old SkyDrive desktop), I can't find it.

    There is also no feedback. No icon overlays on the files, no system tray status icon, so I have no idea if it's uploading my files or not.

    Finally, the integration with Office 2013 doesn't work anymore.

    So, this is actually a major step backwards.

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