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  • GoddersUK

    EULA? What EULA? Tongue Out

  • cbae

    , GoddersUK wrote

    EULA? What EULA? Tongue Out

  • JuanZamudio

    has anyone use carbonite?

  • magicalclick

    , Sven Groot wrote


    So how do we sync stuff between PCs but not to SkyDrive? How do we sync separate folders like VS's code snippets? That's what I'm using Mesh for (and FolderShare before it).

    Honestly, MS, pick a strategy and stick with it! Stop acting like a 3 year old with ADD!

    After trying the app, it is officailly not my thing. Mainly I am syncing with tons of files while I only want them to be online, not sync. And yeah, sync separate folders, favorite, and etc are pain on SkyDrive.

    Back to Mesh and pray they don't have enough money for mushrooms.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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  • GoddersUK

    , cbae wrote


    Oh, that EULA! Tongue Out

  • ScottWelker

    Thank you! This is where my... was it Windows Live Workspaces?... files were dumped for me when it was discontinued Sad

    @Sven Groot wrote: *snip* Honestly, MS, pick a strategy and stick with it! Stop acting like a 3 year old with ADD!

    Here! Here! I am increasingly reluctant to commit to or advocate MS' "new stuff". I simply don't trust its shelf life will be any greater than the carton of milk I opened last week :-/

    I see my posts tend to be negative. Apologies. I have little time to participate and I tend to respond only when provoked. I honestly mean to provide constructive criticism and an honest, real-world, "one man's veiew" from down here in my trenches. I do LOVE the genuine productivity boost I get from Visual Studio, .Net, ASP.NET/IIS, et al. Office365 also seems promising. I seek products and tools to meet my real needs and I resent feeling forced down a given path. I don't own or advocate anything Apple for this very reason. If - as it seems - MS desires to model Apple, I'll continue a seemingly inexorable (but not necessarily desired) shift to Linux/Open Source solutions.

    Ok, off the soap box... I return you to your regularly scheduled program... Sven! See what you made me do Smiley

  • DeathBy​VisualStudio

    @ScottWelker: Hey at least your skills transfer. Wink

    If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
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  • ScottWelker


    Yeah. Err... thanks?


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