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    , swheaties wrote

    I recently wrote in another post that we are gradually being conditioned to accept continued incurrsions by advertisers into our private lives. 

    Let me make sure I understand you, FuncOfT - You complaint is not that you are being annoyed by advertising, but rather that the advertiser has not not collected sufficient information about you to target the ad to your demographic?  Is that correct?


    The advertising can be quite annoying, but it's bearable if it's something that is remotely interesting to you, so yeah, getting the correct demographic is important.  MS and Skype should be smart enough to know that the ads they are serving are borderline offensive to me.  If it was an ad for the new JetBrains product or something I wouldn't complain.  The video ad in Skype is also much larger and in your face than the Messenger ads ever were.  The issue in particular with something like Skype now is that we are all going to be forced to move to Skype, and I believe that fundamentally, this kind of application should and can be built into the OS.  If that means the price of the OS is $10 more per license, I'd pay for that.  I don't like the idea of having a ton of annual subscriptions to track, so I'd much rather pay a few hundred bucks ever few years for the latest OS and let MS deal with paying the people that built the application. 

    I don't mind paying for something like Skype, if I were going to use it, but I don't use it much at all.  I just use it for instant messaging and actually have only ever used Skype 3-5 times in my life for calling someone.  I may not be the norm, but the point is that I am almost forced to pay for the "premium" version to avoid the ads when I don't really need the premium services.  Some do, and that's great, it's not a bad deal if you aren't already paying through the nose for your cellular services and so on, but I really feel like choice has been taken away from me, not given to me.  Even if it's an illusion of choice, like, if they gave me a way to say, "this ad sucks", like Hulu does, at least I could bear some of the ads.  At this point, Skype, to me, is the worst adware I've ever used.