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    I sure hope Microsoft is a little more broad-minded when it comes to how to monetize things like Skype and what to bundle with and how to price Windows, office, etc. Microsoft is playing catch up in a lot of ways. What they've provided to-date is arguably not winning new customers over in droves. They need to work collectively in bringing new customers over to the Microsoft ecosystem (not the "Windows eco-system). To do so they might have to take a loss on a lot of things like they did with the Xbox for so many years. If people feel like Microsoft is disenfranchising them (i.e. replace a product with more features with product with less features) they'll walk. IMO, Microsoft needs to:

    1. Provide software and services that people value and trust over others.
    2. Provide a degree of trust that customers jumping into their ecosystem won't be left locked into an inferior system or that Microsoft takes a direction in the future that is contrary to the customers needs causing a costly move to another ecosystem.
    3. Exceed offerings of similar products by their competitors in UX/UI, features, and price.
    4. Provide some excitement to lure new customer to take a look at their offerings. First and foremost start with fixing their lousy branding; fire everyone who has had anything to do with branding in Microsoft in the past and hand the reigns over to a new group that is walled off from Microsoft's politics. Get over labeling everything "Windows" and "Microsoft". Those brands are a lost cause.