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    , swheaties wrote

    wkemph, If you keep trying one day you are going to get something right.  I'm rooting for you buddy Angel  The incursion is not advertising itself, rather the invasive gathering of personal information, the extent of which I wont detail because I have neither the time nor patience to do so.  Why do I have to explain that to you LOL.

    Having said that, I will explicity say here that the sheer volume of advertising we see in the world has itself has become an incursion.  This is a different statement than what I said in my original post.  I am including all forms of media including the sides of buses and buildings, etc.

    Why are you getting personal here? Did I touch a nerve?

    Advertising does not automatically equal the "invasive gathering of personal information". You're hijacking the topic here. Seems you have a political agenda.