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View Thread: Slip Sliding Away--The Joys of Global Cooling
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    The great thing is that no matter how many people are ideologically committed to stupid politics (such as current AGW policies), the world is not going to stop changing. Politics is just a tiny little flea on the back of human progress, and will ultimately not slow down the world's economic progress. If Westerners want to (continue to) cut their throats over ideological crusades, China, India, and others are more than happy to pick up the slack. Al Gore's feelings on carbon counts will be damned.

    So at the end of the day, America and Europe have only one choice - get back on board the train of economic progress and abolish this environmental crap, or lose out to their hungrier competitors. World-wide carbon counts will increase all the same.

    I, for one, am betting on China.

    The West can enjoy biding its new-found downtime in bread lines Wink