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View Thread: Slip Sliding Away--The Joys of Global Cooling
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    Four facts and a few questions -

    1) The basis of good science is skepticism and dissent.

    2) The AGW community systematically disallows for skepticism and dissent.

    3) Pretty much only the AGW view is supported with government funding.

    4) There is no freedom that AGW cannot be used to repress.

    In light of this, I wonder how I can consider current AGW claims as 'scientific'. Skeptical views are either barely funded in comparison or otherwise repressed. What would Galileo think of this?

    Since AGW could be (and is being) weaponized against individual freedom, I would not surprised that it's why governments are so anxious to promote it exclusively. Nor would I be surprised that it's why they are financially starving out skeptical and dissenting scientists. What would Jefferson think of this?

    It doesn't seem like real science to me. When science gets politicized, it goes back to the Dark Ages. People with sufficient objectivity can't ignore when that happens. I would not be surprised if the AGW community's current tactics backfire against the people who remain objective. Would they?