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View Thread: Slip Sliding Away--The Joys of Global Cooling
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    Statistics show that there is nothing unusual about present day conditions. In other words scientists are not saying that man has yet had an effect on today's climate.

    That is why one must use the term natural climate variability because there is no scientific evidence that the weather today is or has been changed due to mans influence.

    You can read studies from the climate scientists Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.'s and Dr. Roger Pielke Sr.on how land use changes, yes caused by man, have changed local conditions.

    Global Warming is still supposed to be about adding up all the temperatures throughout the world and of course some places will be cooler and some places will be warmer, but the warmer has to over compensate for the cooler in order for the theory of Global Warming to be valid.


    @Herbie: I am not using word games, I am using science.