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Smart Display, Windows 8

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    Was reading this:

    "You could call them tablets with keyboard docks, but you'd be forgiven for calling them laptops with tear-off screens. Indeed, ASUS is describing its Transformer Book as exactly that."

    Which suddenly reminds me this:

    I mean: how about we have a Win8 Pro machine in the keyboard/dock part, and a Win8 RT in the screen/tablet part, i.e. when you dock, you actually have two computers together (a mini azure).

    Comments please! Big Smile


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    Interesting idea, but it would be expensive, bulky and heavy, and probably wouldn't interest most people. It really doesn't give you much over just getting a Windows 8 tablet with a keyboard, ala the Surface Pro.

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    @xied75: Interesting concept, but I'm sure I'd miss the x86 apps when I just had the tablet piece, and it would be super confusing for the regular consumer.

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    It does not bring much if you think in the box, i.e. the top is RT, the base is Pro, and you use each accordingly.

    Out of the box: what if the two parts can sync to each other in real time? How about they behave like a single machine? The Pro could display to your HD TV, or another something with a screen (kitchenware maybe). The RT can be a screen for anything with a keyboard (your TV remote). etc. etc.

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    But the only reason to have a "smart display" in the first place was because you couldn't (at the time) feasibly have all the guts of a PC in a device that was thin and light. Nowadays you can, so there isn't really any value in having the "base" part as some sort of crippled device, If you have need of such a thing, you might just as well have both be full PCs and sidestep all the drawbacks.

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