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View Thread: So I finally got round to trying Win8 on hardware
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    Am  away with the  kids for a couple of days (wife is working) and we are using a series 7 slate that I picked up on eBay cheap (volume controls are broken and only one speaker). We didn't pack the Bluetooth keyboard.


    We fired up the BING maps App as we were looking for somewhere local to eat.   At my daughters request we did a search for Italian Restaurants and safe to say that the results we got back were just what we needed, showing our location and the locations of local Italian restaurants. Selecting a restaurant gave us more details and an option to go to the restaurants own web site.

    It was a great experience and bodes well for Windows 8.

    (I then typed in 'chips' (I am fussy about cuisine) and we proceeded to the local chipper for tea).