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View Thread: So I finally got round to trying Win8 on hardware
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    , Dr Herbie wrote

    I have found Windows to become easier to explore (functionality-wise) over the last few iterations, but this feels harder -- and that came as something of a shock.


    If you use Windows 8 on a tablet, you will find the charms bar, and the ability to access key functions very easily. Touch makes discovorability easy in Windows 8. If you use a mouse and keyboard and didn't have the internet, it could take weeks to find out how to use Windows 8.

    Windows has always been rewarding traditionally, helping you find out how to do things on your own, especially with tool-tips and right clicking and finding context menus with shortcuts. This reward system is solely touch based in Windows 8 and the "Metro UI", which is where the frustration with the OS stems from.

    What I find unbelivable is the inability for some people to ever post a non-Microsoft biased disquisition. Even Charles dismisses some things from time to time, and comes across as human and rational. Supporting Microsoft for anything and everything they do is irrational and will never improve things for the better.