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    ,Ray7 wrote

    … and that was the easiest OS installation I have ever seen. I thought the download only thing was a bad idea (actually, itis a bad idea) but if you have the bandwidth there's no real reason to wait for the thumb drive. I hit the 'purchase' button on the app store and then went to see Transformers3. To be honest, it would have had a more entertaining two+ hours watching Lion download but it was sequel number 2 so what was I expecting?

    It was ready when I got back, so I made the recovery disk and carried on with the install. About half an hour later, with no input from me, it was ready to go.

    Well, it's worth the £20 for the upgrade, but I'm not really convinced by the reverse-scrolling, and launchpad makes absolutely no sense at all on a desktop machine. It's kind of odd watching Apple make the same mistakes that Microsoft has been making all these years, only in reverse: MS thinks that a desktop can be squeezed into a phone; Apple believes that a mobile UI can be stretched to the desktop. I don't think either of them are right.

    And speaking of 'stretching', Apple has finally allowed windows to be resized from any side. 

    The question of recovery is one that has had the community more than a little nervous. Without a disk (yes, you can create one, but Apple doesn't like to talk about it) how are you supposed to get your system back if the worst happens. Well, it seems that OSX now has a recovery partition from which it can reinstall itself. Great, as long as the hard disk doesn't fail (probably less likely now that Apple is getting rid of hard disks across its line). You can also restore from a Time Machine backup, assuming that your Time Capsule device hasn't failed too (more likely because these things seem to fail after about eighteen months).

    The new Macbook Air and Mac Mini have another clever trick: they can reinstall OSX from Apple's servers onto a blank hard drive. Impressive, and it shows that Apple means to do away with disk-based media (the new Mac mini doesn't even have an DVD drive!). 

    In Jobs's mind, everything should be downloaded. Great, but not everyone has unlimited broadband usage, or lives next to an Apple store.



    I have never relied on Time Machine. However, a bootable backup clone to external FW 800 using SuperDuper has been a totally dependable protection against hard drive failure, and this remains a fine alternative for Lion.