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    "The difference in an SSD failure and and hard drive failure is this.  When a hard drive starts failing you can recover most of the data. With a SSD it is a sudden and total failure."

    ALL hardware can fail suddenly and catastrophically.

    I’ve lost count of the number of server drives I’ve seen go legs-up without any warning at all, and not be repairable. Fortunately, with servers and RAID, it's a plug&play solution... but I've also had notebooks/desktops suddenly refuse to boot and not be able to access the drive using recovery tools... in fact we had a period where we almost came to expect it on batch purchase.

    However, perhaps more important than failure is damage (and/or theft).

    We had an idiot here at work "damage" the drive in their notebook recently. Working out on the office balcony, he stepped up to the railing with notebook in hand, looking over the edge, and then was caught by surprise when someone stepped up from behind, and dropped the notebook over the edge. Not surprisingly, it didn’t survive the 12 floor decent to the pavement.